Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What’s Up?

           I had intentions of posting more regularly but you know what they say about good intentions. I have been staying busy working on my March Madness goals, though I haven’t checked-in once at the blog, where I first announced my goals. I’ve also written a couple of posts over at the blog I contribute to: Paper Hangover, if you don’t already follow that blog you should, it is a great source of information.
I’ve also attended another SCBWI class furthering my writer’s education and I’m also reading several new writer’s books in that same pursuit. I hope to purchase Cheryl Klein’s new book, I admire her so much and have read many of her speeches - she is very impressive. The next step in my education is to attend a conference, and I’ve been struggling to decide which conference is worth the money and effort it’ll take to go. I can’t think about it anymore! Please help. A couple of my choices are the NJ SCBWI annual conference in June and the LA SCBWI conference in August, if anyone has any insight or advice on either of these events please let me know. Another choice is a writer’s retreat facilitated by Cheryl Klein in Virginia in June, though this is less an option at this point because my novel isn’t finished yet and that is a prerequisite to the retreat.
On a final note, I looked into Vermont College’s MFA program, and remembered why I’m on my own in my writing endeavor. The TUITION! I’d have to sell at least three manuscripts before I repaid the debt I would undoubtedly accrue. But the program does sound totally cool. Maybe one day.
Thanks for reading!

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